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Un-Sexual Pedo by PaleoClipperArt Un-Sexual Pedo by PaleoClipperArt
Inspired to do this stamp when I came across a zoosexual stamp with more or less the same kind of message. (zoosexual=romantic love for an animal, but does not mean they want to have sex with it, which is bestiality)

Basically all it means to be a pedophile is that you are sexually attracted to a human who is not sexually mature; ie. a child.
Now, while many many many cultures view this as a "gross" "unatural" thing. Personally, I hate child marriage, or even child sexual conduct WITH someone who is an adult. I could care less if two kids of 5~7 decide to see what happens when they poke at the others crotch. Don't give a damn.
But just because someone is attracted to prepubescent human does not mean they are going to pull down their pants in the middle of a public setting and attempt to get a blow job from little Suzie over there! Or let alone try to abduct her and they do that later, or worse, have sex with her. It just doesn't mean that!
Me, no, I'm not attracted to kids. I've just seen this misinformation spread around way to much and decided to speak up.

Oh yes, more often that not if someone is excited by prepubescent individuals, they will end up with someone who looks very child like; small breasts, shaved everywhere they can, keeps hair in twin pony tails, ect. or for the boys skiny, again shaved, possibly small down there, ect. You get my point.


**Good god people. FUCKING CHILL OUT!! READ WHAT I WROTE! As for my terms, I used scientific terms for humans. Yes, I realize some people are disturbed by those terms. Fuck, some people are disturbed by the term urine. But piss is urine. So fuck off.**

Comments that just want to bash me for stating how I feel about something- hidden. Sorry, but I really am sick of people who just want to argue this point.

This one drives the point home very well if I didn't already:
I read this interesting interview about a pedophile. He said it wasn't something he just suddenly felt an attraction to; he had just always liked the kids ever since he was a kid himself. So he wasn't technically a pedophile from the very start. He figued it out that something was wrong with him in his early teens that the other guys would talk about boobs and such, but he didn't care about that at all. The interviewer asked him why he didn't try to get treatment when he knew about it that soon. He simply said "It is not easy to call the healthcare and say you get turned on by little girls. And besides, If I did seek out, they would reject me and call the police."

:| Talk about discrimination.
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June 10, 2011
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